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It is vital that floors have proper protection against outside dirt and contamination to ensure their longevity as well as to minimise unnecessary maintenance costs. This is especially true for entrance carpets that carry heavy traffic and need to trap a lot of debris and moisture.

Kirk Marketing, under the brand name MasterMat, has expanded their entrance-area matting and standard size walk-off mat ranges to fulfil the need for adequate flooring protection.

Kirk has also introduced Industrial Matting that is specifically designed for use in warehouses, factories, workshops as well as recreation and sport centres.

Understanding matting zones

Matting systems fall into three zone types. Each zone type is geared to protect against the types of dirt particularly found in that zone.

  • Zone 1 (External Area) – UV stable and weather-resistant matting of a scraping nature designed to remove small stones, dirt and mud.
  • Zone 2 (Covered Area) – typically a combination of brush, rubber and textile designed to remove more of the dirt, dust and some moisture.
  • Zone 3 (Inside Door) – Final dirt and moisture removal happens within this zone.

The ideal solution is to use a combination of the three matting systems, preferably covering a six to eight metre length to deliver optimal cleaning.

Each zone’s matting should also be carefully maintained to ensure optimal functionality and should be included in the initial specification.

For more information, contact Kirk:
Tel: +27 (11) 444 1441

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