Masonry walls – a cost-effective, high-quality finish

by Ofentse Sefolo
Masonry walls – a cost-effective, high-quality finish

DSM Masonry Pty Ltd South Africa manufactures a range of masonry face blocks for construction and decorative purposes.
From mixing old and new styles to creating combinations of exposed blocks and plastered walls, or even adding glass or steel for an edgy design, masonry blocks are a very cost-effective way to create interesting walls. Since they don’t have to be plastered or painted, no extra finishing is required.

DSM’s affordable construction series includes three ranges:
•    Cottage range
Designed to provide a country appeal, the Cottage sandstone range is chiselled to give each stone a unique look.

•    Executive range
The blocks in the Executive range are straight split for a contemporary effect.

•    Fair-faced range
Ideal to create a clean, modern look, the Fair-faced range offers a smooth finish.

DSM also provides breeze blocks that are used to create decorative feature walls in open spaces, while allowing for natural ventilation.

All blocks can be ordered pre-sealed with Nano technology and are available in a multitude of colours.

DSM Masonry
Tel: 011 964 1001
Website: www.dsmmasonry.co.za

Caption main image: The NHC Health Centre in Centurion was built using the executive M200 granite blocks.

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