Marmomacc App on your Smartphone

by Tania Wannenburg
marmomacc jnl713

Marmomacc took place on 25-28 September, but they have added another tool for staying informed and up to date about the exhibition. The new official app with all information about the show and scheduled events in the impressive Marmomacc programme is available through Apple Store and Google Play.

The Marmomacc APP is organised around two functional macro areas with dedicated services for exhibitors and visitors provided through simple and intuitive interactions.

For example, users can search for exhibitors in the electronic catalogue and locate them graphically on the Exhibition Centre map that can be navigated in touch-screen mode. For visitors, the various functions integrated into the app include a digital agenda which can be used to make appointments with exhibitors. The QRCode reader, lastly, can be used to store (and retrieve later) all contacts established during the visit to the exhibition.

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