Marmomac Stone Award winners announced

by Zuerita
Marmomac Stone Award winners announced

The Marmomac Stone Award – ARCHMARATHON 2019 award ceremony was held on 27 September 2019 in the Marmomac Forum Area at The Italian Stone Theatre. Ten international architecture firms presented the projects for which they were selected and the three winning projects will be among the candidates of the ARCHMARATHON Awards Worldwide Edition 2020, which will be held in Moscow in 2020.

Emilio Tuñon – Casa Piedra en Caceres, Spain
The judges said that Stone House in Caceres embodies the key characteristics that create a “home for the man”, namely typological clarity, a diffused, domestic attitude, a clear and open relationship with the landscape (natural and historical), and a sincere relationship with the materials used.

The stone at Stone House in Caceres, applied as the natural skin of the building, generates a clear dialogue with the context and declares a sense of necessary belonging with the culture of the territory.


Dar Arafa Architecture – Basuna Mosque
The new mosque for a small community creates a gathering place where worship, collective values and daily necessities meet. The use of stone, which moves from the outside to within, is manipulated through varying geometries to celebrate the essential characters of Islam culture.

The composition of the complex at Basuna Mosque celebrates both traditional and contemporary forms, opening possibilities for future models in Islamic architecture.


Studio Marco Ciarlo + Studio Daniele – House on the Sea, Bargeggi, Italy
An abandoned, existing building in front of the sea shore in the Natural Park of Bargeggi was recovered. The decision to cover the new building with natural stone defines a strong visual continuity with the natural environment and asserts the necessity of clear, contemporary projects for our landscapes.

The House on the Sea in Bargeggi is like a rock on the edge, marking where the sea meets the land.


Special mention: GOA – Muh Shoou XIXI, China
The jury appreciated the decision of the designers to work with natural, recycled materials for the interiors of the pavilions. Although the stones haven’t been prominent in the project, they decided to make a special mention of this project. The new resort, designed by GOA, shows the importance of taking care of the existing landscape.

The setting of the different pavilions and a clear control of the scale of the new buildings show a significant shift in contemporary Chinese culture.

Full thanks and acknowledgement are given to www.marmomac.com for the information contained in this article.

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