Marketers still aren’t focusing on AI

by Ofentse Sefolo
Marketers still aren’t focusing on AI

According to a new Marketing Foresight research report from Episerver, Artificial intelligence (AI) will not find mainstream use among marketers until at least 2021. The results of the survey that Episerver conducted showed that while marketers are investing more and more in technology, some of the basics are being missed. A clearly defined mobile strategy and a responsive website, for example, are still missing from many marketers’ digital arsenals. In addition, many of those that have responsive websites and mobile strategies aren’t providing a seamless omnichannel experience.

The survey of over 100 in-house marketers asked marketers which technologies they are currently using and when they intend to incorporate new technologies into their marketing strategy and stack. Despite the abundance of AI-driven marketing tech, more than 60% of marketers had no plans to incorporate artificial intelligence before 2021. In contrast, 57% of marketers believe they will have incorporated augmented reality (AR) by 2020 and 58% will be using virtual reality (VR) as a key part of their marketing approach by the same year.

Other interesting statistics include the following:
• 60% of marketers expect to deploy a customer service chatbot by the end of 2019;
• 71% of marketers involved in the retail industry intend to adopt one-click purchasing by the end of 2019;
• 54% plan to accept virtual currency payments by 2020;
• Over half (57%) of marketers will incorporate drones into their strategy, with the use of drones being expected to move mainstream by 2023.

What do online shoppers have to say?

Episerver’s 2018 Reimaging Commerce report, based on a global survey of more than 4000 online shoppers, revealed that 43% of UK consumers do not believe that brands do enough to personalise their online shopping experiences – almost 10% higher than the global average.

Bluegrass Digital CEO Nick Durrant says aspects of the shopping experience that also rank highly as “must-haves” include easy-to-use product search functions, ample information about products and returns and personalised recommendations.

“It is crucial that the fundamental elements of marketing aren’t lost whilst trying to invest in the latest tech. New technologies should be deployed to support a great customer experience and not merely for the sake of keeping up with the trends.”

For more information, contact Episerver via https://www.episerver.com/ and Blue Grass Digital via https://www.bluegrassdigital.com.

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