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At the press conference held during the 40th edition of Cevisama in Spain last month, the president of the Spanish Association of Ceramic Wall and Floor Tile Manufacturers (ASCER), Vicente Nomdedeu Lluesma, presented the provisional figures for the Spanish tile sector. 


During the press conference, he highlighted the Spanish ceramic tile manufacturing sector’s commitment to decarbonisation and innovation as a means of producing increasingly sustainable products. 

“Understanding sustainability as a concept that goes far beyond that related to natural resources or cutting gas emissions. We are talking about social sustainability, a commitment to the territory, the generation of knowledge and the transfer of technology. In short, we are referring to economic sustainability and contributing to the wellbeing of the whole society.” 

Market news

Exports by geographical area to 189 countries in 2023. Credit ASCER.

Market demand 

In a year marked by a generalised drop in market demand, the estimated turnover for 2023 is 4 864 million euros (-14,3%), which relates to a 21% reduction in production to just under 400 million square metres. 

Despite the negative trend, Spain continues to lead production in the European Union (EU). It is of interest that Europe accounts for 8,4% of the global production, compared to a decade ago, when it dominated the sector. 

Market news

ASCER provisional basic data for 2023. Credit ASCER.


The press conference was followed by the prize ceremony for the Tile of Spain Awards for Architecture and Interior Design. See more on page xxx. 


The EU tile market trends show a growing commitment to sustainability within the sector, despite a decline in demand. 


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