Following Transnet National Ports Authority (TNPA) awarding a tender to Empa Structures to repair the tanker basins in the Port of Cape Town, Sika products became the first port of call for the contractor.

Sika was selected as sole supplier for this concrete repair and rehabilitation project, which included vertical structures, and since commencement in July 2012, has supplied over a dozen different products to Empa Structures.

Two anti-corrosion products were used: SikaTop-Armatec-110 EpoCem, a cement-based, epoxy-modified, three-component bonding agent and anti-corrosive coating; and Sika FerroGard-903+, a surface-applied, corrosion inhibitor designed for use as an impregnation of steel-reinforced concrete.

Repair mortars used were Sika MonoTop-615 HB for thick-layer concrete repairs and Sika MonoTop-620 for pore sealing and levelling.

Sikacrete-214, a one-component, free-flowing, high-strength, cement-based micro-concrete with a maximum aggregate size of 9mm, was used for the structural repair of the tankers.

Grouting was accomplished with SikaGrout-212, a high-performance, cement-based grout that expands by gas generation whilst still in the plastic state of curing, and Sikadur-42 ZA, a solvent-free, three-component, fluid resin grout based on a combination of epoxy resins and special fillers. Sikadur-52 ZA, a two-part, solvent-free, low viscosity injection liquid, based on high-strength epoxy resins, was used on the tankers to not only form an effective barrier against water infiltration and corrosion-promoting media, but also to structurally bond the concrete sections together.

Two high-performance, solvent- and styrene-free anchoring adhesives were used, namely Sika AnchorFix-2, based on epoxy acrylate, and Sika AnchorFix-3+, which is thixotropic and based on epoxy resin.

As a hydrophobic treatment on the concrete, Sikagard-706 Thixo was applied. This one-part, reactive, silane-based impregnation cream is solvent-free with 80% content of active substance and complies with the highest requirements of EN 1504-2 for hydrophobic impregnation.

Complying with the requirements of EN 1504-2 as protective coating, SikaTop Seal-107 ZA was applied to the tanker basins. This two-part, polymer-modified, mortar slurry comprises of a liquid polymer and a cement-based mix, incorporating special admixtures. It is easy and fast mixing with no water required, may be hand- or spray-applied, and provides excellent adhesion.

To complete the waterproofing phase, the tanker basins were coated with Sikalastic-150, a two-pack, elastic fibre-reinforced, flexible waterproofer that is ideally suited to protect concrete structures exposed to an aggressive environment. It is capable of accommodating substrate flexural strains, provides excellent crack bridging and optimum adhesion.

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