Flooring solutions to make your life easier

by Ofentse Sefolo
Flooring solutions to make your life easier

Do you have a flooring issue? MAPEI is sure to have a product that can help!

From residential to commercial flooring, MAPEI offers a range of solutions that covers your floors from surface preparation to customisable grout colours.

Perhaps your project is a specialist industrial flooring? Or a renovation that calls for quick turnaround and needs a fast-setting screed?

MAPEI, a worldwide leader in the manufacture and supply of world class flooring solutions, can help. MAPEI has established itself in the local flooring market through its range of innovative quality system solutions and technical service provided to the market. As an ISO 9001 accredited manufacturer they not only adhere to the strictest local quality standards within the products themselves, but also the best practice in service delivery and customer support.

MAPEI’s local technical expertise is backed up by the latest in international research and development and production standards resulting in international standard products ideally catered for the local market. Mapei South Africa is completely focused on creating solutions that are reliable, efficient and long lasting. Continued research and development ensure that Mapei’s products are world-class, environmentally aware and deliver the highest quality and reliability.

The various flooring lines include the following:

• Surface preparation and underlayment’s
From residential to commercial applications, MAPEI supplies the most suitable self-levelling screeds for various types of applications to correct substrate imperfections. These underlayments are fast-setting and have low levels of VOC which are suitable for interior and exterior applications for both new flooring installations and renovations. For more information about this line of products go to:

• Tile adhesives and grouts
With MAPEI’s wide range of products, you are sure to find the adhesive or grout you require for ceramic, porcelain and stone materials. This range includes polymer modified cementitious adhesives, deformable cementitious adhesives as well as reactive resin polyurethane and epoxy adhesives. An aesthetic finish can be achieved with Mapei’s water repellent cementitious grouts and water-based epoxy grouts which are available in a variety of colours. For more information about this line of products go to:

• Products for the Installation of resilient, LVT and textile floorings
This line of products includes a wide range of adhesives for installing vinyl, PVC, linoleum, cork, rubber and carpet floor coverings. These adhesives are complemented by the necessary primers, moisture barriers and grouts for LVT to ensure a top-quality and durable installation. For more information about this line of products go to:

Ultraplan Eco

• Industrial flooring solutions
MAPEI has a series of systems for epoxy, polyurethane and cementitious floors which are resistant to abrasion, impact loads, cracking and aggressive chemical agents. These floors are widely used in numerous sectors including open offices, the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing warehouses as well as in contemporary surroundings.
For more information about this line of products go to:

Local support
The MAPEI range of flooring solutions is backed up by the highest level of local technical expertise and knowledge providing specifications, on and off-site training and technical support which means that using MAPEI solutions can be done so with absolute confidence and trust. Professionalism, competitiveness and sustainability are what make MAPEI your worldwide partner in construction.

As an established BBBEE level 4 contributor and a strong commitment to play a leading role in the local building and construction sector, they continue to invest in local manufacturing and in expanding their product solutions to ensure they remain the chemical and adhesives partner of choice.

To discover how MAPEI can help with your flooring needs, contact them today on:
Tel: +27 11 552 8476
Email: sales@mapei.co.za
Website: www.mapei.co.za

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