Mapei South Africa, a leading manufacturer of construction chemicals, has strengthened its project expertise with a new dedicated division, spearheaded by Susan Eagleton. This move underscores the company’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for building and infrastructure projects across South Africa. 

Seasoned professional 

With over 25 years of experience in flooring and construction chemicals, Eagleton assumes a pivotal role in leading Mapei’s project division, propelling her to the forefront of its’ growth strategy. 

Eagleton’s career began in a manufacturing and installation company, delving into industrial flooring. Despite initially pursuing a qualification in marketing and sales, her true passion for the construction industry emerged. Her journey saw international exposure, providing invaluable insights. Ascending to the role of National Sales Manager, Eagleton solidified her expertise in flooring, waterproofing, and concrete repair. Her career reached its zenith with the role of Managing Director for a South African organisation, playing a pivotal role in the company’s success. 

Technical expertise 

Eagleton’s team includes technical specialists who, in collaboration with the relevant Product Managers, produce detailed specifications for both new and rehabilitation projects. A growing team located in Johannesburg, Cape Town and soon in Durban, work with construction professionals, consulting engineers and approved contractors nationwide. 

“Our service is available for projects of any size, from residential to commercial or industrial,” says Eagleton. “Mapei also offers project warranties and insurance-backed guarantees for its clients upon successful completion of the project.” 

Specialist products 

With a full basket offering including affiliations with soft flooring and tiling installers, Mapei’s product range is extensive. The projects division is tasked with introducing the market to its cementitious flooring products and construction chemicals range. “We offer solutions for infrastructure projects including concrete repair, bandaging, below- and above-ground waterproofing and are doing a lot of work with carbon-fibre strengthening,” Eagleton explains. 

Commitment to quality 

Eagleton emphasizes Mapei’s unwavering commitment to quality, stating, “All our products undergo rigorous quality checks at our Italian Headquarters before being manufactured locally. This assures clients of the unwavering quality of Mapei products, which adhere to stringent European Union (EU) standards.” 

Mapei’s dedication to quality includes a strong emphasis on training contractors and customers. The company offers Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training for industry professionals, equipping them with the latest knowledge and techniques to effectively service the construction industry at large.  

Reflecting on her decision to join Mapei, Eagleton expresses her enthusiasm, stating, “I was drawn to Mapei by its positive company culture, exceptional product offerings, and the immense opportunity to grow an international brand. I am excited to contribute to Mapei’s continued success in South Africa.” 

For more information, contact Mapei: 

Tel: +27 552 8476 







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