Managing the shade, brightness and consistency of colour in concrete

by Ofentse Sefolo
Managing the shade, brightness and consistency of colour in concrete

Many of today’s most notable architectural projects require striking colours. CHRYSO Southern Africa offers a wide range of pigments for colouring both readymix concrete and different dry-cast products, and the company’s colour laboratory uses sophisticated equipment that can measure the colour strength of pigmentation.

Designers who want to colour-match existing concrete masonry product lines can also partner with CHRYSO. The company’s laboratory is able to ensure higher colour intensity and consistency, as well as improved aesthetic appearance.

Many factors influence the shade, brightness and consistency of colour in concrete. It is important to use the same cement from the same cement plant because Grey Portland cement varies in shade from light grey to dark grey. The cement content, aggregate colour and texture, as well as total water content can also influence the colour of pigmented concrete. To counter the impact of water diluting the concrete pigments, CHRYSO* Fibre Plus microfibres can be used.

With formwork, especially that made from wood, be aware that varied rates of absorption may exist over a large surface area, which may potentially lead to different shades of colour. Release agents from the CHRYSO Dem range can be applied to counteract this affect.

Efflorescence, which is the presence of unsightly white deposits on concrete caused by water-soluble salts migrating through the capillaries in the concrete matrix, from the interior through to the exposed surface, can also be addressed with CHRYSO products. The more impermeable the concrete, the less likely it is that efflorescence will appear, so the CHRYSO Alpha colour range also includes water repellent, efflorescence reducing agents that resist water penetration and enhance colour.

For more information, contact the Chryso via www.za.chryso.com

*CHRYSO is a registered trademark

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