Maintaining entrance matting is a must

by Tania Wannenburg
Matco entrance matting a must Jnl 4 16

Formulating a maintenance programme for entrance matting expands their lifespan & maximises their functional properties.

Did you know that up to 12 kg of dirt can be tracked into a building by just 1 000 people coming through an entrance every day over a 20-day work period? Without adequate entrance matting, some 42% of a floor’s finish can be removed within the first 1.5m of an entrance after only 1 500 people have walked in. This is why entrance matting is so important.

However, while entrance matting helps to keep interiors clean, it can only be truly effective if it is regularly maintained, which entails cleaning the entrance matting itself. It is imperative for getting optimum dirt scraping/moisture wiping performance out of all entrance mat products, and thereby helps to keep floors clean and safe.

Matco, now a brand of COBA Africa (Pty) Ltd, provides full after-care instructions for all its products. For example, bestsellers such as Super Scraper, Trio Brush and Trio Scraper comprise polypropylene fibres. Matco recommends regular vacuum cleaning and stain removal, rather than the excessive use of cleaning materials, because if not washed thoroughly they can leave a residue which attracts dirt. Installing an outdoor mat such as Super Scraper can also decrease the soiling of interior entrance matting.

Without a regular cleaning regime, matting soon gets soiled and the pile can become flat and compacted. Regular vacuuming helps to maintain and restore appearance, optimising performance and helping to preserve the life of the product. Consequently, when it comes to entrance matting, a little effort makes a big difference.

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