To experience the benefits of polished floors, you need to maintain & restore them using specialised tools.

There are many benefits to a polished floor whether it be a concrete, marble, terrazzo or a granite polished floor. A polished floor is extremely durable, environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing and stain resistant.

“Although the benefits of a polished floor far outweighs that of conventional methods, maintenance of any polished floor is still critical,” explains Darryl Gray, Director of Diamond Products. Fortunately, maintaining and even restoring polished floors to its original state can be a simple process by using a range of Diamond impregnated cleaning pads.

A number of successful projects have been completed in various industries ranging from airport hangers, breweries, hotels, up-market residential apartments, to large corporate institutions. Significant success has been achieved in the restoration of floors in high traffic areas where floors have either dulled or been damaged by heavy machinery and equipment.

Darryl notes that a range of Diamond Qwikshine pads are a high performance range of floor care products that are ideal for concrete and stone surface maintenance. “The pads can be used for cleaning and maintenance on marble, granite, polished concrete and terrazzo,” he concludes.