Douglas Jones, a leading importer and wholesaler of unique, high-quality, porcelain, ceramic, natural stone, and recycled glass mosaics brings ever-changing materials to the Southern African market. They offer bespoke, ever-evolving collections and specialty décor products in various sizes, colours, and finishes.

With their focus on finding unique, fashionable mosaics and tile décor, Douglas Jones continuously offers a uniquely South African Creative Assembly Department, a labour-intensive component. Here the team concentrates on designing and creating bespoke patterns, fades, and mixes for each client, allowing their clients’ imagination to be their only limitation!

The department is dedicated to making sure the patterns, mixes, and fades are created perfectly and dispatched timeously throughout the world. From hotels, restaurants, and corporate companies to lavish homes, they deliver some of the most tasteful mosaic designs from the Cape Town warehouse.

Modern Mosaics

Modern Mosaics

Their mosaics include glass, natural stone, porcelain, combined stone and glass, ceramic and stainless steel.

Douglas Jones partnered with a South African tile manufacturer to produce beautiful brick pieces, in three different colours and two different sizes. These pieces have been given a modern facelift to traditional cladding.

For all your mosaic needs, contact Douglas Jones:
Tel: +27 21 706 7251

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