Low-key luxury wallcoverings

by Zuerita
Low-key luxury wallcoverings

Lemon recently launched the Kyoto wallcovering, which is high-performance in terms of engineering as well as high-design. The product’s neutral but textured and elevated aesthetic lends itself to endless combinations with flooring and furniture, enabling designers to reimagine spaces by considering the interaction between all surfaces and dimensions.

Subtle woven textures
Kyoto has a tactile, even delicate look that makes it appear like a textile. It also imparts an understated sophistication via the subtle woven texture and low-key but elegant tones.

The Zen-inspired name of the product is informed by an understated approach to design, where luxury is low-key rather than ostentatious and introduced through tones and textures, which is in line with Lemon’s ethos of creating products that contribute to timelessly beautiful and enduring spaces.

While it is delicate, it is also tough and easy to clean, making it ideal for high-traffic areas where hardwearing is a non-negotiable, such as offices, hotels and restaurants. It is available in seven different shades, is user-friendly and easy to integrate in almost any type of space, from an elegant luxury hotel lobby to no-nonsense, high-paced office headquarters.

The product has a tactile, even delicate look that makes it appear like a textile.

Environmental benefits
Kyoto is also an LEED contributing product (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). It’s 100% recyclable, A+ certified, phthalate-free and REACH compliant (a European Union regulation that restricts the levels of chemical substances in imported products).

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