Louis Visser, Building Line Product Manager for MAPEI South Africa, specialised in his passion by completing his SCT 40 at the Cement and Concrete Institute. He holds an incredible 26 years of experience in the construction and engineering industries where he built up extensive product knowledge including the application of numerous specialist products, whilst keeping his eye on the development of new products for the market.

Louis is passionate about the role he played in his biggest projects to date including Volkswagen Uitenhage, the repair and refurbishment of 12 bridges on the N2 highway between Storms River and Port Alfred as well as his extensive work on the Medupi Power Station, a project that required a commitment of 9 years.

Connect with him on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/louis-visser-74b65a127/
Mobile: + 27 60 989 4559
Email: l.visser@mapei.co.za
Website: www.mapei.com

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