Lords of Verona: the photographic art of Maurizio Marcato reveals the poetic soul of Verona

by Ofentse Sefolo
Lords of Verona: the photographic art of Maurizio Marcato reveals the poetic soul of Verona

Thursday, May 17th, Lords of Verona, a hotel of refined, contemporary design located in Piazza dei Signori, in downtown Verona, was inaugurated. The international photographer, Maurizio Marcato, participated in the esthetic project of the interior and lighting design, which was handled by the architect Simone Micheli.

All the walls of the luxurious suites are decorated with stupendous wide-angle views shot by Maurizio Marcato, depicting the city of Verona from its Roman foundations to its medieval monuments, up to the arrival of the Austrian constructions.

The vibrant, luminous atmosphere of the city comes to life in the rooms of Lords
of Verona, illustrating a thrilling story of historical events, culture, art and passion.

“In my iconographic study of the city of Verona, I’ve tried to seize on the most exciting views to put on the walls of the rooms at Lords of Verona in an intimate bond between what’s inside and what’s outside, offering the guest a total immersion in a city built by ancient hands, renowned the world over for its beauty” says Maurizio Marcato, explaining the artistic concept of his photographic project.

Photo credit: Jürgen Eheim In the photos: the Verona images photographed by Maurizio Marcato for the interiors of Lords of Verona

“From the textured realism of black and white in my photographs, intense artistic impressions develop to fill the walls and come to life in the contemporary architecture of my friend, Simone Micheli”. Admiring Piazza Bra with its Arena, visiting the Roman Amphitheater, crossing Ponte Pietra, strolling through Piazza delle Erbe, climbing the stairs up Torre dei Lamberti and Scala della Ragione: in his pictures, Maurizio Marcato has created nothing less than a perfect tour of Verona, displaying its most animated districts and impressive neighborhoods, often with a strong visual impact that, like a window onto the city, offers itself to the observers and bears silent witness to a glorious, oft forgotten past.

Guests of the hotel can glimpse the true soul of Verona, a city that is both timeless and modern,
where elegance and authenticity reverberate everywhere. Maurizio Marcato’s photographs create a perfect bond with the energy of the light and the naturalness of the materials used in the interior design of the project.

The conservative restoration of the building, conducted by the architect Marco Molon, has requalified and exalted the historical value of the Veronese palace; Simone Micheli then gave shape to futuristic luxury apartments: 32 two-room and three-room suites and duplexes between 50 and 110 sq.mt. each, furnished simply and with great elegance, equipped with the most modern home automation technology. They all conspire to deliver sensations of wellbeing and serenity to those who choose to stay in the exclusive luxury of this unforgettable location in the heart of Verona.

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