Looking to the future

by Darren
Avance corporate social responsibility Jnl 1 16

A company that is focused on operations that are 100% local and truly sustainable.

With roots that go back to the wool textile hub of Tilburg, Holland, Avance combines traditional European craftsmanship with local innovation and manufacturing processes to ensure a continuing legacy of excellence and prosperity. This is why they proudly advocate that their operation is 100% locally focused.

Nestled in the Free State town of Harrismith, their mill is firmly entrenched in the community. Avance Carpets strongly believes in buying local products to create employment opportunities and boost the economy. Equipment, materials and manufacturing methods are selected based on their degree of sustainability and protection of the environment.

The company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy is part of a culture that’s taken up by employees even in their personal capacity. They truly believe that a co-ordinated, well-managed and invested effort is the only way to work for true sustainability.

The company has made substantial investments in providing education and skills development. In 1997, Avance Carpets helped establish Harriston, a thriving multi-cultural, English-medium school with over 300 pupils. In September 2005, they moved on to establish the Maluti Child Care Project (MCCP). This project provides a daily meal for over 3 200 impoverished and vulnerable children in the community. Other welfare projects are facilitated through MCCP such as primary health care assistance, playgrounds, provision of clothing and more.

Avance sees it as their responsibility and the responsibility of all businesses to reach out to communities and make a difference. It is only through investment in local communities that South Africa as a whole can hope to truly prosper and thrive for generations to come.

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