Looking beyond gender

by Darren
Looking beyond gender


This inspiring woman doesn’t view success as gender-specific, but rather as something achieved through passion.

Sue Posthumus, Sales and Marketing Director for Technical Finishes, shoulders the full sales and marketing responsibility on a national and international basis, which also entails developing strategies, driving sales and productivity in the Group towards becoming the leading industrial flooring company in South Africa.

Sue’s career has progressed significantly since her first position as specifications consultant in 1996. In a predominantly male industry, she believes that women add a feminine touch to the business world. “If you are competent and do your job with passion and to the best of your ability regardless of gender, then success will prevail,” she says.

Sue believes that the flooring industry is in a sphere of its own and all industries experience their own unique challenges and excitements. “Each day brings with it new challenges such as applicators, end-users and new specifications,” she continues. “Product development is truly amazing with several new technologies that we have to offer to our clients relating to their flooring solutions including factories, manufacturing plants, homes etc.”

Product knowledge and technical ability are vital to gaining the respect of customers. “It is truly wonderful to see the industry grow with women-owned application companies, and Technical Finishes have also been instrumental in driving the training of women within the industry in RDP housing schemes,” she says.

For other women aspiring to enter the flooring industry, Sue once again highlights the importance of having a passion for one’s job, loving the people one works with, being open and transparent, and always keeping customer satisfaction at the top of the list. “I do not distinguish between male and female; I view and treat both genders as vital to our industry and to developing awareness, as well as relationships,” she enthuses. “Success is a journey; the harder you work and the more focused you are, the easier it is to achieve that success.”

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