Looking at office designs after Covid-19

by Ofentse Sefolo
Looking at office designs after Covid-19

Office design after Covid-19 means social distancing and continued focus on staying safe. These factors need to be balanced to ensure that the office environment remains a place for creativity, cooperation and exchanging ideas.

Key to this will be making employees feel safe and secure, creating a workspace designed to encourage employees to intuitively practise social distancing, which means less crowded open-plan layouts and meeting rooms, more hand-sanitising stations and wipe dispensers in common areas.

The experts all agree, Covid-19 will leave a legacy in how our work spaces are designed – with some saying that it could lead to a decrease in open-plan offices and co-working spaces, as well as boost the use of touch-free technology at work, like motion sensors and facial recognition software.

Aluglass Bautech has taken the important step to offer various forms of personal protective equipment, such as protective and healthcare products, in its new range of protective screens and partitioning.

Protective screens for reception areas
The entrance of any company plays an integral role, and this means the reception areas which were previously open and welcoming now too take on a new shape. Adding a virus protection screen as some form of barrier is one way to ensure that the reception is still welcoming, while ensuring the safety of employees and customers.

Aluglass Bautech’s virus protection screens have proven to be effective in maintaining social distancing in spaces that are frequently visited, they are cost effective, easy to install as well as remove, and can easily be used after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Modular protection screen system
Modern-day offices have seen an increase in open-plan office designs, with employees sharing modular desks. Now these areas between employees need to be screened, with a minimum of 2m between employees.

The Aluglass Bautech modular protective screen system is suited to most desk formations and shapes, allowing the open-plan area to return to its original flow, with enough space for social distancing and the minimum of 2m between employees’ desks.

The need for privacy
Privacy is still essential in many modern-day offices. Acoustic glass partitioning is an ideal solution to create privacy in an open-plan layout, without compromising on space.

Acoustic glass partitions create a safer environment and maintain a higher level of germ-free spaces to limit the potential spread of infection. Coupled with the added benefit of natural light, the GF Serene is the perfect solution. This acoustic demountable internal glass partitions system is quick and easy to install, thanks to modular elements and flexible frame components.

The system features glazed and/or unglazed acoustic doors from the Varikust® VK62 range to complement the acoustic performance.
Open-plan office design flexibility
A flexible “open-plan” office design could make use of a Variflex® Mobile Acoustic Partition System to effortlessly create individual offices or meeting areas that not only offer privacy, but also Covid-19 safe areas. The system is so easy to handle, it takes mere minutes to create a space that is insulated. The individual elements park neatly to one side using only an overhead track, thus leaving the floor finish uninterrupted.

The new normal
Make some time to plan the new office layout to ensure the safety and productivity of your employees while maintain your company goals. By being proactive in implementing measures to keep your staff safe and your business functioning, you will be able to minimise future impacts of an extended pandemic or new waves of infection.

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