Lodge up for international award

by Ofentse Sefolo
Lodge up for international award

The Arijiju project by LIFE Interiors + Architecture + Strategic Design, headed by award-winning interior designer Maira Koutsoudakis, has been nominated for the prestigious Hotel Residences Award in the International Hotel and Property Awards 2017.
Arijiju is a luxurious private retreat in the Kenyan Highlands and has been referred to as “the most beautiful house in Africa” by Condé Nast Traveller UK editor, Peter Browne.

Having spent the better part of the last two decades working in the African wilderness, Koutsoudakis and her team are well-versed in creating interiors that complement the location, and with Arijiju it was no different. The aesthetic direction created for this project was centred on Koutsoudakis’ talent for recognising simple and natural objects as interesting, fascinating and beautiful.

The property is designed in an Afro-European style to reflect the client’s London-Lagosian origins. Being mindful of the fact that the lodge should be unobtrusive to the landscape and environmentally sustainable, LIFE Interiors + Architecture + Strategic Design was briefed to find the best use of monolithic, monastic materials that would be enhanced by the harsh African elements – unrelenting sun, rain and wilderness.

Working with craftsmen in over nine countries across Africa and Europe and combining materials like bare wood, stone and both new and upcycled leather, Koutsoudakis has skilfully created a unique signature style for Arijiju.

“We feel so honoured to be nominated for this prestigious award. We are thankful to our client for giving us the opportunity to push the boundaries of our creativity,” says Koutsoudakis, following the announcement.

The International Hotel Awards are the global five-star standard of hotel ratings that determines the finest hotels and hospitality companies in the world.

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Maira Koutsoudakis’ Arijiju project has been nominated for the prestigious Hotel Residences Award.

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