Thanks to Trellidor, homes on farms and isolated dwellings can benefit from increased security.


Security is an important element that design professionals and building contractors need to consider, especially if clients live (or are constructing new properties) on farms and isolated dwellings.

Not only are isolated dwellings vulnerable to frequent robberies and attacks, but home owners want to feel safe in the sanctity of their homes. Trellidor’s commercial manager, Paul van Blerk, says one of their most recent projects was a large family dwelling near the Magaliesburg Mountains.  

“The homestead had been broken into five times in the space of two weeks, the last time being a violent armed robbery. We developed a ‘lock-down’ system for the family as part of their overall security plan,” said Van Blerk.

Including physical security in the design plan or upgrade
In order to ensure that a client is safe, the Trellidor team can be contacted to assess the area and property and develop a physical security plan accordingly. During the recent project near the Magaliesburg Mountains, the Trellidor team worked with the building contractors to assess the home’s weak points and ensure that sufficient reveal space was built in to provide a good substrate for the fitting of the barriers. This also ensured that the builders had the correct specifications for wall and ceiling cavities in which to conceal some of the shutter boxes.

The team specified Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutters on every door and window on the ground floor. The shutters are all fully automated and operated using a wall-mounted panel. The shutters can also be completely locked down from the outside when the owners leave their property, thanks to a remote-controlled, hand-held unit.

“The shutters block off the entire downstairs area, leaving no vulnerable openings for robbers to exploit. Combined with external motion sensor beams, the home is well protected against further invasions because the motion sensors provide an early security breach warning while the shutters provide a physical barrier to the home invaders’ entry into the home,” said Van Blerk.

Customising various aspects of a home’s security solution
The upstairs rooms of the dwelling were also fitted with a variety of custom-made Trellidor barriers. Clear views to the beautiful landscape are also facilitated thanks to Trellidor Clear Guard sliding screens that were installed on all the sliding doors.

Trellidor Clear Guard screens were also fitted to the apex above each of the roller shutters, under the high-pitched roof (not only for protection against unwanted criminals, but also due to the local monkey troop that tends to find their way into homes).

“Trellidor Clear Guard keeps them out while still allowing for air circulation on hot days,” said Van Blerk.

Trellidor barriers are available through the wide network of official Trellidor franchises and contact details of local suppliers can be found on the Trellidor website.

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