Local manufacturing & flooring legends join forces

by Madelein
Local manufacturing & flooring legends join forces

Two of the industry’s most reputable and longest running flooring manufacturing companies in South Africa, namely Van Dyck Floors and Nouwens Carpets, announced on Monday 8th April 2019 their intentions to join forces – subject to the National Competition Commission’s approval. This consolidation will enable the two brands to streamline their manufacturing processes and expertise thereby consolidating and exploiting both companies’ strengths. As a result of this process, certain positions in both companies may be affected and personnel will be advised of the situation in due course. Each company will continue to retain their own independent brands, products and Sales and Marketing teams.

Nouwens Carpets Chairman, Oscar Grobler, and the Nouwens Carpets Board believes this type of venture is unique in the flooring and manufacturing sector in South Africa. However, due to the economic turmoil in both the construction and manufacturing industry over the past few years – along with the added pressures of the global economic downturn – a fresh approach to doing business is what is needed during these challenging times. “We believe this consolidation with Van Dyck Floors will be a game changer, not only for our respective businesses joining forces but for our customers and the industry as a whole. We identify with their longstanding heritage and expertise in the flooring sector and feel that it will only add value to both of our customer bases to have greater choice in products by combining our offerings as well as being able to leverage off each other’s strengths in the manufacturing realm when it comes to expertise and capacity,” stated Grobler.

According to Dr Mehran Zarrebini, CEO of PFE International Inc. the shareholder of Van Dyck Floors, both brands already have a long and well-established history in South Africa and across the African continent, ensuring that this bold step will undoubtedly further strengthen their positions in the flooring industry by creating a leap in value for both consumers and clients. “This consolidation will ensure efficiencies are gained from both manufacturing operations, greater product differentiation, enhancing the ability to innovate and ultimately ensuring sustainability of the soft flooring industry in South Africa,” explained Zarrebini.

Local manufacturers often face a unique set of intricate operational challenges. An unstable electricity supply, water shortages and labour unrest provide numerous headwinds for any manufacturer to consider – notwithstanding the changing preferences of consumers and its impact on demand coupled with a subdued economic outlook. However, with the right strategic approach – such as the multi-brand strategy that Van Dyck Floors and Nouwens Carpets are applying – many of these challenges can be overcome to ensure sustainability in the manufacturing sector and to support the overall business strategy to create efficient and profitable operations.

Van Dyck is the oldest carpet manufacturer in South Africa and has been in existence for more than 70 years (established in 1948). Over the years, Van Dyck has evolved from a manufacturer of various types of carpets (tufted and needle-punch carpets in broadloom and tiles for the residential and commercial market) to a supplier of a wide range of various flooring products (carpets, artificial grass, luxury vinyl flooring, laminates, rubber underlays and moulded rubber flooring products made from recycled tyres). Well known for innovation within the flooring industry, Nouwens Carpets has launched a wide range of carpeting and tufted tile products over the past few years that respond to customer demand and budget, with their artificial turf being their latest innovation. Since 1962 Nouwens Carpets has earned itself a reputation of specialising in international-style carpet manufacture, despite being a genuinely local brand, crafting quality and true value into a perfect backdrop for their customers’ décor.

For more information, please visit www.nouwenscarpets.co.za or vandyckfloors.co.za

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