Local decking companies discover new benefits of flooring system

by Tania Wannenburg
Local decking companies discover new benefits of flooring system

The Insta Cradle Flooring System can protect waterproofed slabs from damage.An increasing number of local decking supply and installation companies have a newfound interest in rubber cradle flooring systems, says The Flooring Connection. This rise in demand has been sparked by a realisation that the Insta Cradle Flooring System, which is traditionally used for indoor applications such as acoustic floor rating, cavity space for services and sports floors, can be installed with solid timber decks as well as concrete paver decks over waterproof surfaces and ensures that the waterproofing systems will not be damaged.

Besides the acoustic advantages and the abovementioned waterproofing protection benefits, installers will also be pleased with the very quick, easy to level and easy to install system that benefits all stakeholders involved in a building project. Protecting waterproofed slabs is just one of the many key features of the Insta Cradle Flooring System.

The system can be built from ground level all the way through to 330 mm, allowing people involved in decking structures the ability to create the structures in a very cost-effective and easy-to-install way.

For more information, contact The Flooring Connection on +27 (83) 253 4283 or via www.theflooringconnection.co.za.

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