Local carpet range is stylish and on trend

by Tania Wannenburg
Avance Carpets local carpet range Jnl 4 16

Locally manufactured Avance carpets enable numerous customised designs & patterns.

Avance Carpets is a brand that manufactures locally made-to-order carpet or broadloom products, combining traditional craftsmanship with local innovation to offer durable, bespoke and practical floorcoverings.

“We have a fully integrated mill and the capabilities to extrude our own nylon and polypropylene locally,” highlights Olivia Munchin, National Sales Manager at Avance Carpets. “This has enabled us to keep our pricing competitive and despite the weakening rand, and due to the maximisation of cost-effective techniques, we are able to offer local quality products at very competitive prices.”

She goes on to say that they pride themselves on supporting the local Harrismith community and providing employment for 250 workers. “This truly embodies the South African saying ‘local is lekker’,” Olivia enthuses.

Avance Carpets is in the final stages of receiving the Green Tag accreditation, and according to Olivia, the best way in which to combat the carbon footprint issue, as well as to promote sustainability, is to buy local. “Local goods have a lesser impact on the environment,” she states. “Imported items are shipped and freighted and this increases the number of steps required to end the process.”

Only the finest materials are used during the manufacturing of an Avance tile and broadloom carpet. Rolling off their vertically integrated mills in either high-performance BCF synthetic or natural fibres, they make use of various tufting techniques and yarn styles to enhance the manner in which the carpet is manufactured.

When it comes to customised carpet options, Olivia is of the opinion that they allow for a larger than life brand presence when compared to wood or tile floorcoverings. As such, Avance Carpets offers various categories of carpet solutions, from tufted cut pile carpets with innovative designs to a multi-level loop pile carpet, which enables one to experiment with different pile heights, patterns and textures.

They also offer a loop pile carpet which provides durability with a tufted construction that retains its appearance and can withstand heavy wear and tear, therefore making it ideal for heavy commercial installations. “By using different installation methods in either a monolithic, tessellated or ashlar formation, beautiful and innovative designs can be created,” states Olivia.

Avance Carpets doesn’t only produce carpets, they also change lives through their corporate social investment strategy, which is more than something they just carry out on an ad hoc basis. “Nor is it purely a business decision,” concludes Olivia. “It’s a culture that is adopted by our employees in their personal capacity. As such, we fully support the Maluti Child Care Project as our primary CSI initiative, which sees more than 3 200 orphans being fed weekly in the Harrismith and surrounding areas.”

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