Local building products get eco-labelled

by Darren
Local building products

Another building product distributed in South Africa may soon display the EcoProduct Ecolabel.


Another building product distributed in South Africa may soon display the EcoProduct Ecolabel, which will clearly display the product’s sustainability credentials for consumers wanting to use more accredited sustainable building products.

EcoStandard’s eco-labelling assessment process follows a cradle-to-cradle approach and ensures that each product undergoes a comprehensive lifecycle analysis (LCA) prior to awarding the EcoProduct star rating and Ecolabel, should the product meet the required standards.

Currently EcoStandard is assessing the Novatop System, distributed in South Africa by HWZ International SA (Pty) Ltd (HWZI). The Novatop System is a comprehensive and versatile building system that enables partial deliveries of walls or roofs, as well as a comprehensive solution for the whole building. It consists of large format components manufactured from cross-laminated solid wood. The system is suitable for family homes and apartment buildings, as well as for reconstructions, additions, extensions and more.

HWZI is a forerunner in certifying its green claim that its product is environmentally sustainable through the comprehensive lifecycle analysis principle based assessment. The Novatop System meets the strict criteria for a range of international certifications, hence HWZI’s drive to ensure that the system is also certified within the South African market, highlighting and endorsing the product’s environmental and sustainable standards.

Once the assessment process is complete and the product satisfies the necessary criteria, it will be awarded an official EcoProduct rating and certificate, which will clearly display the sustainability credentials. This will enable buyers to get a comprehensive understanding of the product’s environmental impact and will assist them to purchase validated sustainable products.

EcoStandard is the first South African Ecolabel for products in the building and construction industry, and aspires to be the trusted certification body for setting environmental standards of excellence when rating a building product within the local building sector. The first EcoProduct Ecolabel was awarded to Xanita in August last year. 

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