Lightweight tile adhesive for green buildings

by Darren
Lightweight tile adhesive

Tyl-Pro’s lightweight tile adhesive range is an eco-friendly option for green buildings.

Tyl-Pro’s eco-friendly, lightweight range of tile adhesives has sustainable attributes that contribute to the wellbeing of a building’s occupants, and is therefore fit for application in green buildings looking to obtain Green Star SA ratings from the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA).

This innovative tile adhesive range includes the Lightweight Porcelain Profix 6 hour, Lightweight Porcelain Profix 12 hour and Lightweight Porcelain Profix 24 hour, each of which can be used on a variety of different substrates for interior and exterior applications.

Key attributes
Tyl-Pro’s lightweight range significantly reduces the weight of applied tile adhesive for the same coverage as conventional systems. In fact, it is 25% lighter than other conventional adhesive systems currently on the market.

This contributes to greener buildings since less weight is added without compromising the amount of product used. The load on the foundations of high-rise buildings is lessened, transportation costs are reduced, and the lighter product is easier to physically handle and apply.

The lightweight adhesive boasts improved flexibility over conventional tile adhesive systems as well as excellent workability, which increases the speed of installation. In addition, its thermal properties ensure that the product warms up quicker and retains heat for longer than other systems.

Zero VOCs
All Tyl-Pro’s eco-friendly adhesives contain zero VOC’s and no solvents. They emit minimal odours and cut the growth of mould and bacteria.

Some adhesives in the market contain high VOCs that can aggravate allergic reactions and cause respiratory infections. Moreover, these organic chemicals hold a high vapour pressure at room temperature, which is extremely harmful to the environment. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has identified indoor air pollution as one of the four greatest risks to human health.

Application in green-rated buildings
Tyl-Pro’s eco-friendly tile adhesive range can be applied in buildings aiming to obtain Green Star SA ratings from the GBCSA. In the indoor environment quality category, which recognises “interior finishes that minimise the contribution and levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in buildings”, the products’ zero VOCs counts towards the credit. In addition, the range helps to achieve two credits in the materials category, in terms of dematerialisation, which awards designs that reduce the total material used in a building, as well as local sourcing, recognising products that were sourced locally, close to the building site.

Tyl-Pro adhesives’ lower emissions matched with high performance provide built environment professionals with a sustainable option to address indoor air quality and other environmental issues in buildings. What’s more, the range will be expanded with new products to be launched soon.

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