Light steel truss system spans up to 40m

by Darren
Light steel truss

With Mitek’s Ultra-Span® light-gauge steel truss system, clear spans of up to 40m become a reality.

Apt for both commercial and domestic applications, the Ultra-Span® light-gauge steel truss system, available through MiTek, is one of the most practical roof systems in the range of clear-span structures between 15m and 40m.

With a low mass of between 6 and 10kg/m², Ultra-Span® steel structures contribute to savings on the supporting structure below, as well as on transportation and erection costs. Large sections of the roof can be pre-assembled on the ground and hoisted into position on the roof.

One of the biggest advantages of the Ultra-Span® system is the unique member profile shape developed by MiTek. Purposely designed with less steel per metre compared to other systems, the Ultra-Span® truss shape is fabricated with only three components: chords, webs and a single size connector.

The system has successfully been specified for various large-span commercial and community project applications.

The 4 600m² Jubilee Mall roof area, consisting of some 350 trusses, was completed within a mere 14 days by Giant Engineering, providing the client with substantial savings.

Kimberley Mediclinic’s roof area of over 10 000m² and truss spans of more than 25m has been successfully constructed by Central Roof Industries. Ultra-Span® trusses were also selected for other similar projects throughout South Africa.

The KwaMaphumulo library project features a large curved Ultra-Span® roof structure of some 1 200m² with 20m clear-span sections, supplied by BUCO Pinetown.

The large, unusual diagonal roof structure of the Baptist Church in Port Alfred, with a central 28m clear-span girder across a square building, was successfully completed with the Ultra-Span® system supplied by BUCO Port Alfred.

Ultra-Span® trusses are available in a pre-fabricated form, ready for installation, or in kit-form for low-cost housing or other remote projects, allowing trusses to be assembled on site and in turn contributing to local skills transfer and employment.

MiTek Industries South Africa
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Advantages of the Ultra-Span light-gauge steel truss system:
•    A simple system, with all members straight and true for a level roof.
•    Span capability from small, low-cost structures to large, 40m clear-span commercial structures.
•    Longevity due to galvanised coating.
•    Non-combustibility.
•    Resistance to borer and fungus attacks.
•    Low weight reduces transportation costs, improves handling and erection.

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