Light-steel, large-span roof for community hall

by Tania Wannenburg
Light steel large span roof for community hall MITEK

Long-standing MiTek-licensed truss supplier, Giant Engineering, opted for Ultra-Span LGS in the design of the large-span roof for the Siyabuswa Community Hall.

Due to the large span of the Siyabuswa Community Hall roof structure, long-standing MiTek-licensed truss supplier, Giant Engineering, opted to use Ultra-Span Light Galvanised Steel (LGS) in their roofing design for the public facility.

This relatively large roof structure of just over 1 000m² with clear spanning trusses of 20,5m only required 8 500kg of Ultra-Span LGS, which represented a mass of 8,4kg/m² for the complete roof structure.

After receiving the request for an estimate for the roof structure from Bapedi Consulting Engineers, Edward Curry from Giant Engineering chose to design this structure using Ultra-Span LGS specifically due to the large span of 20,5m. The quote was accepted and Giant Engineering not only installed the roof structure, but also the roof sheeting, Dutch hip-end louvres as well as all the gutters.

The trusses were all pre-assembled in the factory with the large trusses done in two halves for site splicing. Multiples of four trusses were first framed together on the ground before finally being lifted by crane unto the building. The full roof structure erection was completed in just five days with a team of six persons.

What’s more, Giant Engineering even had to retro-fit special MiTek tie-down straps to the inside of the walls, as no original tie-down straps had been fitted by the contractor.

According to Uwe Schlüter, business development manager at MiTek, many of the other MiTek-licensed timber truss suppliers are now, just like Giant Engineering, also starting to provide Ultra-Span LGS roof structures, since it enables them to cater for a much larger section of the market with great success.

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