Light gauge steel structures

by Darren
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The low mass (between 2-10kg/m2) of the MiTek Ultra-Span roofing system ensures savings on both the supporting structure as well as on transportation and erection costs. Additional benefits such as non-combustible, corrosion-resistant, straightness of members and ease of assembly make this one of the most viable roof systems – especially in Africa where good structural wood is not always available.

Examples illustrating the scope of applications:

Residential (trusses):
Savings on trusses due to larger spacings with further savings on erection due to light weight (approx. 4kg/m2) and the convenience of no site wastage make these roof structures ideal for low-cost housing projects with tiled or sheeted roofs. The roof trusses are supplied pre-assembled or in kit-form for site assembly.

Residential (purlins):
The strength and diversity of the Ultra-Span profiles make it an ideal choice for simple purlin roof applications as are often found in low-cost housing. Span capabilities vary from 3m-6m with a very low mass of only 2kg/m2 of roof area. With no site wastage and all materials being galvanised, it is ideal in even remote areas.

With a proven track record of many successful applications in large clear spans (Spar-Brighton, Zambezi Mall), Ultra-Span is one of the most economical roof structure solutions in the range from 16m-35m – this applies especially to low-pitched roofs.

Even church projects or other community projects with larger spans (as shown above 28m and 30m spans) for both tiled and sheeted roofs are easily managed with Ultra-Span trusses whilst maintaining the vaulted ceiling effect.

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