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by Darren
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Lafarge’s support for its employees and the communities associated with Lichtenburg Cement Works is extensive. While one of the focus areas of the Lafarge Education and Community Trusts is on the upliftment of education in Bodibe, North West Province, other social responsibility programmes are also run in the communities surrounding Lichtenburg Cement Works.

On 4 May, members of the Lafarge Education Trust visited four schools in North West Province and then hosted a community awards ceremony involving eleven schools. This will become an annual ceremony, named the Lafarge Community Trust Awards for Excellence.

The visits were part of the trust’s partnership with the Adopt-a-School Foundation in support of the Back to School for a Day campaign. Cyril Ramaphosa, chairman of the foundation, announced the launch of the campaign in November 2011. The initiative entails sending corporates back to school for a day so that they can personally engage with the schools they support.

Today’s learners: tomorrow’s leaders
As part of Lafarge’s vision to support education in North West Province, the company created and sponsored the “Green Team” recycling initiative among eight schools in the Lichtenburg area. The aim of this initiative is to raise awareness on green issues and show pupils that they can make a difference.

The initiative was in the form of a competition with Lafarge providing a contractor to collect the sorted recycled waste materials. It was promoted by a poster campaign and highly effective live theatre presentations by a mime artist at the schools. Pupils at the winning school, Laerskool Lichtenburg, recycled 18 tons of glass, cans, plastics and paper in a period of four months.

Building a nation
Lafarge’s Cement Works also endeavours to provide assistance to schools that are engaged in sustainable development work at their facilities. One of the schools that benefitted from this project was Motswaiso School in Meetmekaar, which recently received a donation of cement as a contribution to one of its building projects.  

Similarly, donations of cement and the loan of earthmoving equipment helped Lichtenburg Primary School to lay the foundations for their new toilet building. A close relationship with Lichtenburg High School reflects in frequent support for school projects with other cement donations and expertise. The Lafarge workshop in Lichtenburg also manufactured a roller to improve the condition of the school’s cricket and hockey fields.

Another school in the area that needs support is Coligny Special Needs School, which provides an environment to develop mentally disabled youngsters into self-sustaining adults. The pupils are taught crafts and how to tackle building projects without the help of contractors. Lafarge donated cement to the school – the pupils made their own bricks and in no time at all had built impressive new classrooms.

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