Leaving a lasting footprint

by Tania Wannenburg
Kleen Tex factory Durban Jnl 2 16

Range of matting with specialised functionalities offered by Kleen-Tex.

Launched in 1991, Kleen-Tex South Africa has rapidly transformed the landscape of the matting industry in the country.

The company has a 2 500m² factory in Durban North as well as a head sales office in Johannesburg. At their factory, they tuft most of their own yarns and vulcanise high grade proprietary rubber formulated to manufacture high quality mats.

Kleen-Tex’s X-Grip product is a moulded PVC mat supplied in easily assembled interlocking tiles that knock off and trap granular dirt. Their X-Grip mat is a durable, outdoor mat designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and shopping carts. It is ideal for usage in busy entrances such as shopping centres, airports and commercial buildings.

In addition to X-Grip, Kleen-Tex manufactures Entrance X-Grip, which is another robust product supplied in clip together tile form with the added advantage of carpet inserts. These carpet inserts are available in a range of colours and variations to suit the needs of their customers.

A logo insert option is also available. Entrance X-Grip can complement X-Grip in heavy footfall locations.

Both X-Grip and Entrance X-Grip products clearly demonstrate Kleen-Tex’s dedication to delivering high quality products that exceed client expectations.

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