Leading Success

by Tania Wannenburg
Leading Success


Investigating the success story of an influential female CEO in the flooring industry.

Fulfilling a prominent and influential role as CEO of the Pentafloor Group of companies, Bianca Shakinovsky is responsible for the company’s day-to-day responsibilities, ranging from strategic planning to overseeing of operations to the financial side of the business.

Bianca’s thriving career started in the paving business and moved into interior design. However, she retained her passion for the construction industry and, together with her husband, formed Pentafloor nearly 10 years ago. “The flooring industry, as part of the greater building industry, has its own fine nuances that need to be fully understood,” she explains. “I believe that women have a far more holistic view of things, whereas men seem to concentrate more on one specific problem or item at a time.”

Bianca continues by stating that the flooring industry is a unique blend of purpose and creativity and that a floor is often referred to as the “5th wall” as it attracts the immediate attention of a person entering the room. However, it still needs to retain its functionality, especially in today’s modern and technological environment. She is of the opinion that finding a balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal can substantially contribute towards adding value to a building or room.

“I have always been inspired to be the best I can be, whether in my personal or business life,” Bianca highlights. “Success is not measured by other people’s opinion or by what you have accomplished, but rather by what obstacles you have managed to overcome on the way to achieving that success.”

She goes on to say that women should never believe in the myth that it’s a man’s world. “Pentafloor holds a very prestigious place in the building industry as a whole,” she concludes. “It is common knowledge that this unrivalled brand is managed by a woman. I firmly believe that I have proven that a woman can achieve anything she puts her mind to, whether in the flooring industry or anywhere else.”

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