Main image: Fhatuwani Mukheli’s draws focuses on changing peoples’ perspectives and perceptions of humble beginnings.

Everybody has heard the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and in this instance, it couldn’t be truer.” But it’s often the artists themselves who go unrecognised for the work that they do.

Jay Carson’s artwork highlights the connection between purpose, meaning and nature.

Leading hotel group, BlackBrick, has partnered with local artists to place their art at the centre of each hotel’s interior design and décor.  

A taste of South African and global culture in hotels

Murals create a sense of community. They brighten up city streets and uplift neighbourhoods, creating an opportunity for connection. 

This is the exact reason why BlackBrick has partnered with artists to bring a taste of South African and global culture to each of its hotels. The hotel group drew inspiration from its team, partnering with local furniture manufacturers to place the art at the centre of the décor.

“Murals and art play a large part in BlackBrick’s culture. These art elements capture parts of society and add meaning to public spaces. Due to these works of art being so essential to neighbourhood upliftment, we’ve decided to incorporate that approach in our rooms. The art gives the spaces a unique identity and allows us to start a conversation with our guests,” says Boipelo Molwela, programme curator of BlackBrick.

Artists’ work on display

At BlackBrick’s two Sandton properties, the work of Fhatuwani Mukheli, Sarah Grace, GreyRoom and Sadie Clayton is on display.

At the Bedfordview property, artists Naledi Modupi and Jay Carson exhibit.

At BlackBrick’s Cape Town property, the artwork of Farai Samurai, Ian Albertyn and Christopher MacClements is on display.

Sadie Clayton uses her copper artworks to channel its natural healing powers to reinvigorate individuals, communities, and the environment with each piece.
Ian Albertyn uses wooden blocks to build his art that represents human life and finding one’s place in the world.

Art at the centre of each hotel’s interior design and décor  

“Each artist brings a unique perspective to our rooms, opening up a dialogue around the experiences of South Africans and their place in the world. Not only has BlackBrick included one-of-a-kind art pieces to create a sense of community among our guests, but we’re also proudly providing a platform to elevate young South African artists,” concludes Molwela.

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