The Bike Locker in the Old Castle Brewery

Ensconced in the striking circa 1900 heritage building that is the Old Castle Brewery in Woodstock is The Bike Locker, a destination space that caters to the lifestyle needs of the restless rider and spirited adventurer.

Founder and owner, Paul Steward, set out to create a unique place that safely stores motorcycles, stocks carefully curated gear and apparel, and provides a social environment for bikers, would-be bikers, and tag-along hitchhikers to drink beer and bond.  

Paul says, “here, like-minded people with similar interests can spend time together, sharing their thoughts in a cool place with a great atmosphere.”

Working with the old to create the new

When it came to flooring solutions for The Bike Locker, Paul wanted to remain true to the building’s heritage, but at the same time, he didn’t want just a “normal” floor.

The building still boasted a good-quality, hand-brushed epoxy floor, so they needed an expert flooring partner that would take on the challenge of working with the old floor to create something new. Someone who would wash the top, and work with a similar product to put down a preparation layer, set a base colour down as a binding coat, and then apply the colours and finishes that they envisioned.

Finding a floorer as brave as a biker

Paul says that “Initially it was quite difficult to find a company that was willing to take on the challenge.” To achieve such a unique floor with such depth and movement, a specialist product was required. Paul approached Sarina Coetzee, sales manager of Technical Finishes in the Western Cape. The Technical Finishes team was enthusiastic about the project and proudly accepted the challenge.

A Solidkote Metallo floor worthy of its asphalt warriors

As The Bike Locker called for an exceptional floor, Technical Finishes recommended Solidkote Metallo lauded for its highly decorative and custom-made result. Hand-crafted and incorporating reflective pigments and metallic effects, this product delivers a truly unique and exceptionally striking three-dimensional floor finish every time.

It was clear to the Technical Finishes team, that The Bike Locker deserved a flooring solution every bit as unique as its environment.

Clubbing in to get there

The creative freedom offered by this product is a flooring game changer. The technical expertise of Technical Finishes’ Western Cape team guided the customer to a flooring choice that he could never have imagined. Paul says: “Collaborating with my wife and daughter, we knew what we didn’t want. So, we took the initial design idea from there and worked closely with Technical Finishes to get to the colours, design, and end-result.”

Roadmap to success

Paul wanted to walk into the store, look at the empty floor, and be wowed by it. The uniqueness of the floor is a testament to the client’s clear vision, the excellent product, and the expertise of the applicator, Riccardo. Riccardo was confident in his technical ability to deliver the best outcome yet felt less confident when it came to artistic application. Paul briefed him on what exactly they were looking for. “I wanted to open the door and see a floor that is over the top. I did not want a mundane floor, but an astounding one.” From here, Riccardo and his project team had the artistic freedom to paint their picture.

The floor was prepped, the base coat was done, and three colours were used in the epoxy. By using a torch and applying different heat levels, they could create many dimensions of colour variations and blend colours to great effect.

Turns heads and goes the distance

Solidkote Metallo is available in a myriad of colours such as Pearl White, Titanium Grey, Coffee, Black Pearl, Bronze, and Copper. It is suited to a multitude of indoor applications and any commercial or residential environments. The metallic pigments in this high-gloss seamless flooring system create an illusion of movement and depth that delivers a breath-taking 3D look. While Solidkote Metallo frees you to create your personal artwork on a blank canvas, it delivers the goods where it matters too. This hardwearing floor boasts longevity and is easy to clean, requiring very little maintenance.

Your own pit crew of experts

What’s more, Technical Finishes comprises a strong team of specialists who know the local industry, conditions, and design products for the local environment. These products are aesthetically pleasing, hardwearing and practical, and the team knows what works in each industry through constant research and development.

Sarina says they believe that if the architect can dream it, they can do it. “It is not only a beautiful floor, but a seamless floor, allowing people to move away from tile finishes to create a flowing system. With our wide range of products, we can do plain floors, and create flooring solutions that move you.”

The beginning of our road together

Paul concludes: “We ended with an astonishing result. The floor flows all the way through the space. It is a fantastic backdrop to have the furniture, clothing, bikes, and everything in the store set against. And it complements the red face-brick walls, the old plaster, and the character of the building. Technical Finishes gave me the needed support to make a good choice, recommended the best material, and gave me one contractor to work with, which was ideal.”

If you have a regular or unique flooring need, feel free to contact Technical Finishes today, and see what they offer.

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