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We bring you the latest trends from Cevisama 2023, which featured some exciting new textures and colours alongside the evergreen elements of tile design.

Look out for marble in large-format hexagons. Credit: Vives Azulejoz y Gres

The concepts of home, as the place where people live, and the public home, where people spend their time in the public spaces of their cities, were presented. The issue of sustainability features in both spheres, with private spaces dedicated to well-being and comfort in a calming environment. Public spaces are centred on improving the quality of life, using technology, sustainability and the growth of green spaces to improve urban mobility.

Responsible luxury

The ethereal trend is best described as responsible luxury, integrating cutting-edge technology with sustainability to reduce the environmental impact. Luxury is moving towards personalisation, allowing for an eclectic mix of styles that includes elements of relaxation and health in luxury interiors.

Marble and stone are the mainstay of luxury. Technological developments in manufacturing allow for a sustainable alternative to mining real marble, with surfaces in matt, glassy or ultra-glossy finishes for an irresistible Gothic look. Veining and swirls in vibrant blues and greens deliver a striking look, while hexagonal shapes still hold sway in larger formats.

Tile as furniture, as embodied by the ethereal trend, showcases the bold veining of marble and stone when used as slabs to adorn kitchen and bathroom counters, as part of the larger living space.


Where the old is made new. A sense of nostalgia, as a result of the current turbulent times, drives the trend “Take memory”, with a growing popularity of styles inspired by our past. Looking back provides the foundation for new narratives, mixing the past with contemporary urban lifestyles through simplified designs. Reconnecting with the past adds authenticity.

Patterned tiles and tiles creating patterns are the focus here, combining simplified versions of retro patterns with updated geometric designs. A more subdued use of colour makes these tiles perfect for creating eclectic combinations with other styles, while layouts create both structured and random patterns. Colours range from soft greens to mid-blues that mix well with other colours, as well as pale tones highlighting geometric patterns for a soft and calming effect.

Tile layouts create both structured and random patterns. Credit: Arcana Ceramics


The custodian trend focuses on sustainability, with a growing awareness of the impact of materials on the planet and energy consumption. Post-pandemic, there is a move to embrace outdoor spaces designed with earth-friendly materials and nature as a focal point.

Subway-inspired tiles with artisanal effects are offset with stone-look patterns. Colours range from the cooler colours of intense blue to emerald green, combined with shades of sand, earth and stone. Grey, metallics and darker charred and burnished finishes compete with the rise of the rich fiery tones of classic terracotta. Terrazzo patterns with its colourful exposed aggregates fall comfortably in this trend.

Verdant shades of green with artisanal finishes paired with natural stone bring indoor décor style to the exterior. Credit: Altto Glass Group


Wellness at home takes centre stage in thewell obsessed trend, with an increased interest in non-toxic natural materials that contribute to health. This minimalist aesthetic is aimed at creating spaces with soothing neutrals, natural light and sensory textures in a restorative design.

Taking inspiration from nature, tiles embrace timeless wood and stone patterns, and the warmer tones of cement in rounded, organic shapes. Soothing pastels bring calmness, enhanced with fine veining and reliefs appealing to the senses.

Hyper-tactile, structured finishes appeal to the senses. Credit: Vives

Top tip: Sustainability, natural patterns and textures, and personalisation drive trends in 2023.

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