Latest interior trends

by Tania Wannenburg
Dion Chang Jnl 5 14

Some of the latest interior trends were recently revealed and discussed in Cape Town.

Several unique trends were discussed and highlighted by prominent speakers such as Dion Chang of Flux Trends at the Caesarstone Design and Trends Forecast talk at Decorex Cape Town recently. Decorex Cape Town forms part of the Decorex SA portfolio and is owned by Thebe Reed Exhibitions.

Surface designer Caesarstone is considered a global leader in lifestyle design and will be bringing an updated trend forecast programme to Decorex in Johannesburg on 6 August this year.

In his Cape Town talk, Dion Chang touched on a wide variety of lifestyle subjects, predicting radical changes in media and communication in coming years. Visual and video mediums continue to be the most important form of communication, although he also forecasts a renewed popularity of print magazines and books when individuals tire of working and socialising on screens and feel the need to “unplug”.

British design studio FranklinTill presented the latest in interior trends. These included a move towards understated and minimalist interiors, a revival of 18th century-style glamour, a heightened focus on well-made functional design, plus nature inspiration as well as bold and colourful cultural hybrids.

The move towards soft, minimal décor is an understated approach paired with emotional connections. It is feminine and unobtrusive, and follows a new design philosophy that “form follows emotion”.

Revived grandeur celebrates personal luxury as well as artisanal craft – often combined in unexpected ways and showcasing the past connecting with the future. As such, design is moving into a structural era, with the focus on honest, functional and well-made products and design.

The influence of nature continues to be felt in décor, with organic shapes and patterns inspired more by the natural process and geology than by living organisms. Finally, a sophisticated remix of cultural and ethnic colours and prints signals a return to bold, colourful and eclectic styles.

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