Large-format tiles – a new dimension in style

by Ofentse Sefolo
Large-format tiles – a new dimension in style

Internationally, professional designers and the public alike are showing a preference for clean, uninterrupted surfaces. It’s a chic, modern look that’s finally within reach of local designers, decorators and homeowners, thanks to the new large-format tiles produced in South Africa by Ceramic Industries.

Near seamless
A major advantage of the new, large-format MegaTec tiles is that they can be installed without as many grouting lines. Interior designers love the near-seamless effect this creates, and they’ve made good use of these sophisticated tiles in hotels, restaurants and malls. Until now, anyone who wanted this high-end, designer look for their own homes had to resort to expensive imports. With production in full swing at Ceramic Industries’ advanced Gryphon factory, South African customers are able to use MegaTec tiles to create striking and contemporary spaces of their own.

Luxury look, modest price
Natural stone and timber boards are too expensive for many budgets, and require special installation and maintenance. MegaTec makes it much easier – and more affordable – to achieve the look of luxury stone slabs like Carrara marble and exotic wooden floorboards. High-definition printing allows the Gryphon factory to copy the fine details in these expensive materials exactly – which means customers get the opulence and elegance of luxury materials with the easier installation, care and pricing of ceramic tiles.

Beyond the square
Designers and certain customers are starting to choose rectangular tiles over more traditional square tiles. These tiles create visual interest with their long lines, and offer different layout options. Besides the large 800 x 800mm square format, Gryphon is able to produce 600 x 1 200mm and 450 x 900mm rectangular tiles in a range of designs and finishes.

Impressive production
Producing larger formats requires some pretty large pieces of equipment. Two 154-ton presses in the Gryphon factory are designed for turning out the larger formats, and for producing superior quality, complex and structured surfaces on the tiles. In addition, some of the world’s most advanced quality control equipment is in operation at all stages of production.

Besides responsible quality control, Ceramic Industries practices responsible ecological production with Gryphon being the most technologically advanced and sustainable factory of its kind in Africa. The factory’s Eko kiln reduces gas consumption and recycles heat for drying and other processes. Natural lighting, sensor lights and automated forklifts help reduce energy consumption and emissions even further at the plant.

Go large
All in all, deciding on MegaTec tiles for your interior project is an easy choice. They allow you all the refinement of luxury materials with the advantages of hardwearing ceramic tiles, and narrower grouting lines for the clean, modern look. Their larger format and fine detailing make them the ideal canvas to turn your room into a true design space.

For more information, contact Ceramic Industries on +27 (16) 930 3600 or via info@ceramic.co.za or visit www.ceramic.co.za.

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