Landmark boutique hotel undergoes lavish revamp

by Ofentse Sefolo
Landmark boutique hotel undergoes lavish revamp

Steeped in Italian luxury and hosting numerous heads of state, royalty and esteemed guests, APOGEE Boutique Hotel and Spa, situated on Waterkloof ridge, recently underwent a lavish refurbishment.

While the Italian-style hotel represents high-end Italian architecture and flair, after 15 years of service it was in need of some modernisation. This included the hotel’s reception and foyer areas, the restaurant’s restrooms as well as enhancements to some of the communal outside guest areas.

Collaboration of expertise

As the flooring called for a specialist eye, attention to detail and bespoke installation, the services and significant experience of accredited large-format tile installer Paulo Ferreira, owner of Custom Tiling and Floor Restoration, as well as several specialist flooring suppliers were contracted.

According to Paulo, “The project’s success was undoubtedly due to the combination of expertise and close collaboration between the various suppliers.”

Mactool’s Raimondi large format tiling equipment was utilised for precision cutting and application, with Mapei’s grouting and adhesives being used to complete the delicate installation.

Installation Excellence
In keeping with the hotel’s current Italian-styled interior, Paulo scoped new large-format ceramic slabs.

The design selected required precision installation to ensure that the graphic pattern delivered the look of natural marble. Given the size of the slabs, which measure 3.2m x 1.6m, with a 6mm thickness, protecting the integrity of these slabs was vital. Fully imported, the large slabs arrived onsite in specialised crates, individually packed, each crate with its own book match.

Upon arrival of the crates, Paulo took the tiles and numbered them to ensure the flow of the pattern, carefully following each crate’s book match, ensuring a natural marble look on the finished project.

Product precision
To install the exact bevel and bullnoses, the help of Mactool’s Sales director, Geoff Mclea was invaluable. Paulo consulted Geoff on using Mactool’s specialised equipment that included the Raimondi Large Format Tile Cart, Raimondi Power Raizor, Modular Work Bench and Raimondi Easy Move, which enabled him to work efficiently, perfecting the bevel and bullnoses.

The perfect finish was achieved by making use of the large format installation system from Mapei. The larger the surface area of the tile, the higher the stress and amount of work the installation surface/adhesive/tile system will be subjected to. This is why Mapei specified a deformable adhesive, namely Keraflex S1 Express, a high-performing, rapid-setting flexible tile adhesive for the installation of ceramic and porcelain large format tiles.

Besides the adhesive, grout lines, expansion joints and double-buttering are all fundamental aspects that need to be considered in order to install large format tiles successfully. The installation was finished off with Ultracolor Plus grout, an anti-efflorescence and mould-resistant water repellent grout.

“As a company with over 80 years of working in the tile adhesive industry, to be able to contribute to this project was a great privilege. To have played our small part in bringing this prestigious boutique hotel to the city gives us great pride,” said Zamaswazi Ntobela, Product Manager of products for ceramic and porcelain materials at Mapei South Africa.

Another striking feature was the tile installation at the hotel’s new firepit. Paulo was able to tile the entire area with a single slab which was precision cut into various smaller tiles using the Raimondi power raizor.

“The experience of dealing with Mactool, in particular Geoff’s advice, has always been excellent. They were invaluable to me throughout this project and no doubt ensured its success,” Paulo concludes.

The project was completed on schedule with the overall success being contributed to the professional collaboration between product, installer and equipment, resulting in the new flooring becoming a focal piece.

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