Kirk Marketing has the “M.Trim” range of laminate floor profiles available, including the new Foiled Trims. These are available in 8 wood foiled colours to closely match most of the different laminate floors today.

Neutral coloured trims to match laminate floors

The neutral anodised trims match the colour of the wood on the laminate floor. The M.Trim range of laminate trims are made from aluminium and have a “slimline” look to make transitions on the laminate floor flow.

Comprehensive range of laminate profiles available

Laminate floors are fitted as floating floors to allow expansion and contraction in a horizontal direction. The comprehensive range of laminate profiles in the M.Trim range of laminate trims for commercial use include:

  • The “T”- section, the 38mm wide “expansion” where the “transition” is between floors of different thicknesses – up to a 6mm height difference. 
  • The 40mm wide “finish” is between floors of a larger height difference.
  • The 24.8mm wide “end” is used against cupboards, walls, sliding doors and existing skirtings.

These trims allow for + 8mm of movement and can be used with wood and bamboo floors, and even LVTs if required.

Covers and trims

Multipurpose laminate covers are available in 2 profiles – a transition and expansion version – fitted with dowels allowing for retrofit and on-site fitting.

There are other trims such as retrofit nosing that complement the Kirk laminate trim range and capping strips for curved floating laminate floors.

For more information, contact Kirk:
Tel: +27 (11) 444 1441

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