Laminate floors need specific cleaning methods to ensure that their looks remain intact and that they keep performing.

As the year draws to a close, several companies are focused on spring-cleaning sessions, and in this event Inovar advises the following spring-cleaning tips specifically designed for laminate flooring.

Due to laminate’s non-porous surface, it does not trap dust or allow for the breeding of dust mites, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Here are five effective steps to take:

1.    Use a dirt-trapping mat in the entrance and hallway of an office or home. This will prevent most of the dust from entering.
2.    Regularly sweep floors with a soft broom or vacuum cleaner (2-3 times per week). Sweep in the direction of the floor grooves to collect the dust that falls in between the planks of the laminate floor.
3.    Dirty footprints can be removed by wiping lengthways over the flooring panels with a well-wrung-out, barely moist microfibre mop. Remember to wipe up the residual moisture immediately.
4.    Only use laminate floor cleaner if the floor is very dirty.
5.    Remove stubborn stains such as paint, ink, oil and shoe scuff marks with a mixture of vinegar and water or pure acetone. Wipe away any residue with a warm, damp cloth.

Recipe for Vinegar/Water detergent:
•    60 ml vinegar
•    1 litre water

1.    Use cleaners that contain oil, fat or wax.
2.    Let puddles of water lie on the laminate for long periods of time.
3.    Use abrasive cloths or pads, as they may scratch the floor.
4.    Use standard floor brushes, as the stiff bristles could damage the surface.