Lafarge South Africa goes back to school for a day

by Darren

The Lafarge Education Trust has partnered with the Adopt-a-School Foundation in support of the Back to School for a Day campaign. Cyril Ramaphosa, chairman of the foundation, announced the launch of the campaign in November 2011. The initiative entails sending corporates back to school for a day so that they can personally engage with the schools they support.

The trust decided to celebrate the day by visiting three schools in the Mzimela community of KwaZulu-Natal on 4 May, where a total of 80 educators also participated in workshops to acquire skills in using newspapers as a teaching tool. The theme for Back to School for a Day was literacy.    

Lafarge’s first stop was Yetheni Primary School, where a donation of Avusa-sponsored story books was made and the kids enjoyed a reading experience. Educators from the Mzimela community attended a workshop about newspapers in education, which was facilitated by Avusa Education. Teboho Mahuma, a trustee of the Lafarge Trusts, gave a motivational speech. After her motivation the children’s story books were handed over by Phanuel Mnguni of Avusa Education.

Njingili High School was the next stop on Lafarge’s Back to School for a Day list. Another workshop was hosted for educators in the area on the theme Newspapers in Education. This time Graeme Bloch, also a trustee of the Lafarge Trusts, gave the motivational talk. The Lafarge group of delegates then moved on to Sihubela High School, where Mahuma gave another motivational speech about the importance of education and literacy.

At the end of each visit every child received a nutritious packed lunch. According to Charlene Lamb, country communications manager of Lafarge South Africa, it was the perfect way to conclude a day which embraces the nourishment of young minds. The celebrations closed with trustees Teboho Mahuma and Graeme Bloch engaging with high school principals and the Department of Basic Education to discuss school improvement mechanisms.

“The Lafarge Education Trust has an excellent relationship with Adopt-a-School and we fully embrace their wonderful Back to School for a Day initiative because we feel that it drives home the importance of transformation via education,” Mpogeng Nkgadima, programme manager of Lafarge Education and Community Trusts, said. Lafarge partnered with Avusa Education to make this fun day a reality.
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