The owners of La La Land wanted a residence with a narrative to resonate Los Angeles in New Delhi, hence the name LA+ND Villa. To achieve this, they commissioned spatial designer, Sanjyt Syngh, to weave his unique magic into their newly built villa.

Escaping the busy New Delhi streets

An escape from the busy streets of New Delhi, this piece of 4 459m² of land is situated in New Delhi’s urban sprawl, DLF Chattarpur Farms. With 1 393m² of built-up area, the idea was to relish the outdoors and pool, which is a matchless commodity in New Delhi.

In the brief, the building was divided into two distinct zones: Personal and private. For this, Syngh created a dialogue of detail and colour. Each millimetre of space is thoughtfully and tastefully curated to bring a sense of new.

With a strong correlation between aesthetics and fashion, the project exudes its own young personality, bringing together a culmination of varied design languages connected by a common thread of modern glamour.

Layout of the house

The ground floor is a mix of formal and common areas. The first floor is purely private, with family bedrooms. Conceived as a single volumetric form, each space is connected to the outdoor lawn, the massive balconies, or the pool.

The villa’s interior is a combination of detail in its materiality, with a modern sense of space and light. There is a formal living room and two separate family lounges, one on each floor, to encourage people to experience the spaces differently at different times of the day.

Syngh played with the location of the six bedrooms, flanking both bedrooms and the attached ensuite with large fenestration that blurs the line between inside and outside.

The exterior elevation is clad with an array of exotic stones.

Birth of creations

How was the creative idea behind the project born?

Syngh answers, “I believe in writing stories based on client briefs. I don’t repeat concepts and details. Once a space has been designed, there isn’t another one that will have the same elements.

“I don’t label myself as a designer. I am more of an interpreter. I always try and put people who own the space in the environment and think about how they would feel. A space should always reflect the style of the inhabitants.”

How does he prepare for project development?

Syngh is clear: “We aim to detail every millimetre before the project goes on the floor. It creates a solid base work for the project and also lessens the chances of unnecessary surprises showing up later,” he says.

The highlight of the villa is the love affair between the Wolk Bar by Scarlet Splendour and the pool.

Bringing design thoughts life

Syngh, an interior designer and stylist based in New Delhi, is a globally minded design consultant dedicated to luxury spaces. The company takes pride in creating aesthetically pleasing, yet functional spaces. They see it as bringing your thoughts to life in your space.

Syngh has been creating since his childhood – a passion that never stops. He calls himself a mix of influences. He grew up in New Delhi, but did his undergraduate at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. Twelve years later he returned to India and started a design consultancy.

Curated spaces

The body of his work encompasses residences, offices, showrooms, exhibition displays, gyms and restaurants. He creates spaces that have a unique identity appealing to the inhabitants, as he believes every corner should be designed.

“Everything has a story to tell, be it a cushion, a chair, an ensemble or even a tattoo. It is these stories that reflect your style,” says Syngh.”

Designer to the core

Syngh has won various top Indian awards and has been named three times among the Top 100 Interior Designers in the World (2016, 2018, 2020 and 2022). He says: “I have never been able to differentiate between Sanjyt Syngh as a person and Sanjyt Syngh as a designer. It’s not a job for me, it’s a way of life. Even when I go to bed, I have a sketchbook and my laptop within my one arm’s distance, as I am constantly designing.”

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