Know your trims

by Darren
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Kirk offers several trims made from various materials, each of which are suited to specific environments.

Kirk has found it necessary to innovate and create different material, texture, design and colour in their floor and wall final trim solutions in order to satisfy the changing requirements in floor and wall designs.

The materials most commonly used is aluminium, which is extruded to different designs and anodised or powder coated to different colours and textures. The aluminium variety includes different corner protection options, ramps, covers, edges, nosings and transitions that can be used with all flooring types. The powder coat options used are textured and match the natural shades of tiles.

However, brass and stainless steel are the tougher options used in higher wear areas. Stainless steel is available in patterned stainless steel, brushed and polished. Kirk also offers different grades of stainless steel, which is needed depending on the proximity to the ocean or corrosiveness of the environment, such as kitchens, etc. In turn, brass can withstand varying climates and environments while adding visual appeal to any space, but it can be a more expensive option.

The foiled and anodised aluminium covers are required with all floating floors, be it wood or laminate, and are used to cover the expected expansion and transition in these flooring types.

An alternative to the above is PVC, which is used as an inexpensive option in bathrooms, splashbacks in kitchens and on walls only, however, Kirk never recommends PVC on floors.

To ensure you select the correct product for the application at hand, it is always advisable to get in touch with Kirk, who will also be able to take you through a list of their product offerings along with samples.

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