Kitchen countertop integrated induction cooker

by Ofentse Sefolo
Kitchen countertop integrated induction cooker

The latest trends in kitchen designs have seen the introduction of a more integrated approach to both styling and functionality, creating a sleeker and more seamless look. The latest innovation features cooking surfaces integrated into the kitchen countertop, using state-of-the-art induction cookers.

SapienStone, which is known for the superiority of its porcelain countertops, has partnered with TPB Top Porzelanik Barcelona®, which offers the latest generation induction cookers featuring touch controls, integrated into the kitchen countertop and completely hiding the cooking area.

The innovative kitchen countertop, which was developed in partnership with TPB Top Porzelanik Barcelona®, combines the technical qualities of Italian porcelain with an integrated TPB Tech® induction cooker, enabling cooking directly on the porcelain kitchen countertop.

SapienStone’s porcelain countertops offer incredible technical properties such as strength, durability and hygiene, which thanks to this exclusive partnership now offers innovative and seamless sophistication in kitchen design with their latest range of countertop integrated induction cooker slabs.

Features of the integrated induction cooker
• New-generation induction cookers and touch controls are integrated into the kitchen countertop, so that the cooking area is completely hidden.
• Heat resistant: Surfaces in porcelain stoneware resist high temperatures, frost and thermal shock. These characteristics are fundamental in a kitchen, as frequent contact with any hot pots and tools may damage the top. High temperatures and sudden thermal changes do not affect this material in anyway due to its high technical performance.
• Scratch resistant: Porcelain stoneware is the hardest material among those available on the market – thanks to its natural resistance, meaning that a scratch-free surface is now a reality.

Slab sizes and cooking options
This innovative range of sleek integrated countertop induction plates is available in several modern kitchen colours. Sizes can be tailored with slabs up to 3m in length and 1m in width, while the number of cooking plates is customisable with up to ten plates available on a 3m slab.

Be inspired and visit https://studiomasson.co.za/sapienstone-integrated-induction-cooker/ for more information.

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