Keyless access control for homes

by Darren
Keyless access control for homes ASSA ABLOY

ASSA ABLOY South Africa has introduced its new ENTR Smart Lock Solution that allows secure but convenient keyless access control to the home.

In keeping with the technological advances in the built industry, a new smart locking system developed by global door opening technology specialist, ASSA ABLOY South Africa, allows secure keyless access control to residential buildings.

The innovative technology of the ENTR Smart Lock Solution combines world-class quality Mul-T-Lock high-security solutions to provide home owners with an effective and affordable way to manage doors in and around the home.

Flexible options
The ENTR system is easy to install, set up and use. With no keys required, doors can conveniently be locked and unlocked via a mobile app using a smartphone, tablet or iPad.

ENTR door locks can also be safely and efficiently managed using a touchpad, a pin code reader, a fingerprint wall reader or a remote control which can code up to 20 people.

Controlled via mobile app
Using the ENTR app, an encrypted Bluetooth smart device becomes a virtual key which can be used and managed to lock and unlock doors. Secure, encrypted wireless communication makes it possible for the home owner to receive notifications such as whether the door is locked or unlocked, and it allows them to track the battery power level and get access to technical support when required.  

Uninterrupted operation
The system is battery-operated and remains in full operation even during power failures. It uses eco-friendly batteries that can power the system for up to three months before requiring recharging through the ENTR wire or a wire-free charger.

A seamless fit
ENTR is suitable for most door types and sizes and installation is effortless. To transform any regular door into a smart door with keyless access, all that is necessary is to simply remove and replace the old door cylinder with a new high-security Mul-T-Lock door cylinder. No drilling or wiring is required as the system uses wireless communication.

Its easy installation makes the solution ideal for renovations since it doesn’t require doors to be replaced in their entirety.

Tel: 011 761 5000
Email: za.info@assaabloy.com
Website: www.assaabloy.co.za

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