Key considerations when buying cement

by Tania Wannenburg
Key considerations when buying cement AFRISAM

AfriSam’s Richard Tomes explains the key factors that need to be considered when purchasing cement – things that add value beyond the price.

“It is important for customers to not base their cement purchasing decisions on price alone, as this could have long-term implications for quality and aftermarket support,” advises Richard Tomes, sales and marketing executive at AfriSam.

According to him, there are certain key factors that need to influence a purchase decision. Most important to consider is the range of products offered by the supplier, the quality of the products and the supplier’s credibility. Other issues that should be taken into account are the sustainability of the product and the supplier’s commitment to innovation and product development.

Customers often overlook the fact that there is a direct correlation between price and quality, says Tomes. He points out that AfriSam has been producing cement for over 80 years and is a leading concrete supplier in South Africa. The company’s experience, capacity and commitment to innovation enables it to not only guarantee quality cement, but also to deliver additional benefits to its customers.

“We do not simply sell products, but we also focus on providing a solution for a customer’s specific application. This means we add as much value as we are able to, from providing in-depth product knowledge to having access to a reference base of successful projects and applications,” he states.

Value beyond price
AfriSam’s broad product range comprises aggregates (sand and stone of different sizes), readymix concrete, cement and premixes.

The company’s C-Tech cement, for example, which is specifically engineered for strong and durable structures, is the end-result of an ongoing development process that began in 2000. Thanks to its composition, AfriSam’s C-Tech cements have an inherently smaller carbon footprint and are therefore much kinder to the environment.

AfriSam’s flagship product, its 42,5N All Purpose Cement, is an ideal choice for concrete, mortar and plaster applications. It is an engineered composite cement containing milled clinker, advanced mineral components and additives which improve the product’s workability and durability. The fine pore structure of the resultant concrete reduces the risk of corrosion of steel reinforcing in concrete, and also offers a durable finish with reduced cracking in both mortar and plaster.

In the 42,5N strength class, AfriSam’s All Purpose Cement also offers customers 15% more concrete per bag when compared to other cements in the 32,5N strength class. This advanced composite cement is designed to achieve greater concrete yield per bag of cement, without compromising performance. In fact, the concrete made from this 42,5N cement continues to gain strength past the traditional 28-day cut-off. It simply gets better with time, resulting in stronger structures and making it ideal for all-round performance.

“AfriSam’s All Purpose Cement is extremely easy to work with and its consistent quality, versatility and proven strength make it the logical choice for builders, architects, engineers, contractors and DIY enthusiasts,” Tomes concludes.

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