Key considerations for high traffic flooring

by Madelein
Key considerations for high traffic flooring

Choosing floors that are best equipped to deal with the challenges of high-traffic areas means that the floors need to be durable, won’t scratch under constant use, and if used in areas such as commercial kitchens, they should also be waterproof or at least highly water-resistant.

However, there are also other considerations. Aside from cost, the hardest floors can also be cold and tough on the joints in spaces where people spend a lot of time on their feet. Therefore, the hardest, most scratch-resistant flooring is not always the best option.

Before deciding on the material for your flooring type, it is important to address what the floor will be used for. Here are seven main features to consider when selecting flooring for high-traffic areas.


  1. Durability – High-traffic areas often mean lots of foot, paw and other traffic that can scratch and mark floors. The best high-traffic floors are scratch-resistant, so they don’t to look worn and old too quickly.
  2. Cleaning – High-traffic areas need to be cleaned more regularly to keep them looking good and to ensure they last as long as possible. Thus, floors that are easy and quick to clean are a priority.
  3. Water Resistance – If you are looking for floors for kitchens or other spaces that are likely to be exposed to water, you will need water-resistant floors that will not stain or become warped when assaulted by spills or drips.
  4. Comfort – Durable floors also tend to be hard, but these should be avoided for spaces where people spend a lot of time on their feet. Extra-hard floors can be bad for the joints.
  5. Warmth – Hard floors often don’t conduct heat well and can be bitterly cold when the temperature drops. For this reason, floors that are icy underfoot make it more difficult and expensive to heat the space.
  6. Aesthetics – Not everything in life is about practicality. You will want floors that look good and meets your personal aesthetic standard.
  7. Cost – Naturally, you will need something that fits into your budget and future vision for the space, especially when it comes to resale.

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