The new creative wallpaper designed by Karim Rashid for TAPLAB Wall Covering is a true example of new media art.

The name of the collection, DATURE, is in fact an interior design project that arose from the combination of the digital world and nature, as a representation of the hyperconnectivity of our world.

Nature interpreted as a datum

During a time in which everything can be translated into a flow of data, the designer interprets nature as a datum and its fluidity, amorphous, organic and dystrophic, thanks to a creative inspiration borrowed from digital imaging which is directly transferred onto paper by employing the most modern technologies.

The collection includes all the distinguishing features of Rashid’s design: Bright colours, almost fluorescent; sinuous and soft shapes; the creative analysis as each new creation overcomes the previous limit. This evolving language now marks wall decoration as well.


DATURE consists of five repeatable modular patterns and five non-repeatable wall patterns. Each pattern is proposed in three different colour combinations and ranges from flowing lines and shapes to very kaleidoscopic frescoes. As a guarantee of quality and durability, the papers of the DATURE line can be applied to any environment, domestic or contract, with the proper treatment, just like all the products by TAPLAB Wall Covering.

Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid is one of the most prolific designers of his generation. His unique use of colours, together with its avant-garde projects, currently makes him one of the most eclectic designers. He has more than 4 000 designs in production, has won 300 awards and is working in more than 40 countries. His work is featured in 20 permanent collections, and he exhibits art in galleries worldwide.

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