JEREMY’S Q&A: What skills do the screed and resins market need?

by Ofentse Sefolo
JEREMY’S Q&A: What skills do the screed and resins market need?

Jeremy Stewart, owner of Seamless Flooring Systems SA, discusses the standard of skills and development in the screed and resins market, as well as the training that is available in this sector.

From a screed and resins perspective, there currently are not many skill development training opportunities in South Africa. While one can do a registered short course with a CETA-type institution to become a bricklayer, it’s not easy to find relevant training cources or experienced applicators with the necessary knowledge, skills and resources for screeding, especially epoxy mortar screeding.

FITA has made inroads, to some extent, with the training they provide, but this is still in its infancy. From my experience, those who want to receive training on specific aspects in flooring must join a company as a casual labourer and work their way through the training that the company offers. Overseas, these courses can be done through accredited institutions or through manufacturing companies that provide more product-focused training as opposed to skills-focused training. Sometimes, the manufacturing companies will only train you if you sign an agreement to exclusively use their products, which hinders the broad-based learning model.

In future, I hope to see FITA regulating the industry as this will improve workmanship and levels of professionalism in the flooring market. Screeding excellence particularily in screed and resins, is a skill that is in demand.

For more information, contact Jeremy on +27 (86) 178 2789 or via www.seamlessflooring.co.za.

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