Italy’s biggest tile expo reminds us that design is in the details

by Tania Wannenburg
Italy’s biggest tile expo reminds us that design is in the details

Liza Watermeyer from Tile Africa lets us in on the design and renovation trends at Cersaie.Every year, Tile Africa sends a team of experts to the exclusive International Cersaie Exhibition. Liza Watermeyer, Retail Display Manager, attended the event and shares what’s in store when it comes to tiling and bathroom design:

Attention to detail
Details make the difference to décor and design finishes. Attention to these details excites the senses and transforms the result.

“Finer details appeal to the customer, because they allow you to create an individual, bespoke look in your home or workplace,” says Liza.

Bathroom trends
When it comes to tiles, bathrooms are getting a lot of attention, with interesting combinations of field tiles (larger, usually floor tiles) being mixed with smaller tiles. The future of tiles is all about mixing multiple sizes to create diverse layouts, says Liza. Go for a mosaic or branch out with 3D tiles, prints, patterns or metallic foil details. As for the colour? Go darker than neutral; brown and black is featured across all styles.

In the kitchen… and living room
The lines between living areas and the kitchen have become blurred.

“We love to eat, work, cook and live in the same space, and fittings and furnishings need to be agile to cater for different uses. Mixing looks and sizes provides interest when integrating these spaces,” says Liza.

Metro and brick-shaped tiles in cement, stone and wood looks either in glazed ceramics or porcelain are trend forward. These options allow designers and decorators to play with your kitchen aesthetics, whether it’s futuristic, vintage industrial or naturally beautiful.

Large format, rectangular porcelain tiles in the 1200 x 600mm size are the ultimate in trend forward floor applications. Others trendy sizes are 600 x 600mm and 800 x 800mm.

“These formats are available in matt, gloss and lapatto surfaces. The looks include, marble, cement and stone. Soft wood-look planks, mixed with these looks and forming part of the tilling layout, are also a key trend for the floor. Mixing looks and sizes provides interest and solutions when integrating these spaces,” says Liza.

Outdoor areas
Outdoor areas are strongly linked to nature with products such as natural stone, stone-look tiles and wood-look tiles being very popular at the moment. Manufacturers are also focusing on practicality.

Porcelain products can withstand extreme weather conditions and slip-resistant tiles, in stone and cement, are a must – especially around a pool. “Mix stone and cement for an eclectic style, or use the cement look on its own to create a no-fuss Modern Metro Style,” says Liza.

“The greatest takeaway from Cersaie is to be individual and not afraid to experiment with versatile sizes and finishes in the layout, material and more. Eclectic beats uniform, focus on the details, to proudly make your own unique mark on your spaces,” concludes Liza.

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